Thursday, February 21, 2008

Coming into Punta Arenas

We had to be up and at it early this am to meet up with our guides to Punta Arenas. I watched the tugs gently tuck our ship into it's berth.

Our tour bus never showed we managed to snag two enterprising free lancing
van drivers to take us out to Cena Otway. It ended up being the same cost as the original tour and since we had not paid up front we were not out any money.

On the way out we pulled over to view some unexpected wildlife...Rheas!

Maybe you know them as Emus?

Finally we arrive at Cena Otway and after a short walk in high winds we saw the little guys we had come to see.....they are so stinking cute!

Kathe here-this video was taken by Russell of the darling penguins-we think that the penguin feeding another is perhaps a mating ritual-not necessarily a parent feeding a baby.

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