Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rick and Sue

Pam submitted these photos via an email-
"This is the view from Rick and Sue's Tropicana B and B at the San Clemente Pier. Harry and I HAVE to stay there while he recouperates from shoulder surgery after the trip. HAHAHA!"
Pam and Harry with Rick and Sue over the
2007 Thanksgiving Holidays.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

One More Pix

Patty and Keith

Hey everyone- Patty and Keith here. We live in a tiny Trinidad, California, close to Arcata and Eureka on the coast. Here is a picture of the view from our deck, and one of Keith and me in Bali.
Very excited to get started on this trip of a lifetime! And looking forward to "luxury" cruising!

Kathe and Russell

Heres a photo of us on the Mt Shasta Dinner Train outside of Weed CA. We are both retired and will often say "Retirement is very under rated." Obviously it is.............. Here's a shot of our garden in full glory in May....there's a reason it's so green....RAIN....

We live in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Russell is bicycling everywhere, making clay art, painting and on occasion riding off into the sunset on his BMW motorcycle to go camping or some such thing.

Meanwhile I keep busy quilting, gardening at home and at the community veggie garden space, occasionally riding my bicycle (I am more a fair weather biker going to the store), taking photographs, cooking up a storm for friends and family and when I sit down it's only to read a book or watch the latest Netflix DVD or post photos and write on my blog.

We are counting the days til we are on this cruise-what an adventure!

Pam and Harry

Pam and Harry live in an absolute Paradise with their adorable dogs. When they aren't making wine, or cooking for friends, or canning tuna you might just catch them watching American Idol-they love that show!
Here are a few photos....

Rick and Harry together once again..........

Dinner in La Paz March 2007

Sue & Tom!!!

Obviously we aren't on our cruise yet, but our Master Travel Agent Tom has been hard at work for MONTHS making sure we are seeing what we want to see and doing what we want to do...which is of course having fun and seeing the sights..... it's quite wonderful all the places we will be going to and all that we will do thanks to Tom.

Here's a nice shot of Tom and his wonderful wife Sue at the Four Seasons Wailea, Maui last September....

From Chile to Brazil !

There are 17...count us!! Seventeen of us traveling together on a fabulous cruise. We are on the Holland America Rotterdam leaving from Santiago Chile on February 16th,2008 and arriving in Rio de Janiero Brazil on March 3rd, 2008. We have a splendid intinerary for our 16 day cruise including such places as Punta Arenas, Chile, Ushuaia, Argentina and Buenos Aires, Argentina. All of us will post on this blog-so get ready and get set for some fun reading and great photos! As we blog along you will get a glimpse of a life time adventure!Happy reading and to all my blog partners...get ready get set....South America here we come!