Sunday, March 2, 2008

Last posting before we are in Rio

We have had high seas the last 48 hours or so and consequently lost
our satellite connection to the internet. Everyone is fine-some did get
seasick, but this morning the seas are back to moderate 4-7 foot swells
as opposed to the 15 foot or so swells we had yesterday.
Today is our last full day as we disembark at Rio de Janeiro tomorrow
If possible I will post while we are in Rio, but if not once we are home on Thursday I will go back and post all the photos I was unable to post because of the very poor internet connection. The cruise line charged 40 cents or more per minute for internet connectivity and it was poor at best. Tha is one thing they really do need to either improve or make less expensive. It's amazing how we depend on our emails!
Even out in the middle of the ocean.

Kathe here- a short video of the freighter next to us while going through 15 foot would 45 foot swells be? YOW....

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